Regional Cooperation

Vance County and the City of Henderson cooperate in their joint economic development efforts by the creation of the Henderson-Vance County Economic Development Commission (EDC).  The EDC Board is comprised of nine appointed members of whom two are elected officials from each governmental body.  The other members are appointed by those bodies.  Both the County Manager and the City Manager serve as Ex-Officio members.  In addition, there are six Strategic Partners representing the Chamber of Commerce, County Tourism, the Vance-Granville Community College, the Vance County Schools, the Maria Parham Medical Center and the Henderson-Vance Economic Development Partnership.



Vance County is one of four counties that have come together to form an award-winning innovative rural economic development initiative. This unique multi-county collaboration and cost-sharing arrangement by four northern counties within the Research Triangle Regional Partnership in North Carolina was created to spark mutual economic growth and opportunity. Triangle North is owned and managed by the Kerr-Tar Regional Economic Development Corporation which is a 501 (c) 3.  Board Members represent the four participating counties.



Council of Governments (COG):
The Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments (COG) is one of 17 regional planning and development agencies in North Carolina.  Its mission is to serve local governments in identifying and meeting the needs that improve quality of life. The COG collaborates with local governments, businesses, non-profits and citizens.